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Discounts are given for multiple sessions paid in advance

One and a Half Hour Full Body Treatment - $75. This includes learning about your most important Spritual topic related to what you are dealing with and a mental healing to help heal that issue. If deemed necessary, a Karma Clearing related to the issue will be done. A Rainbow Reiki whole body treatment along with special positions, healing mantras, and specific organ treatments will be given according to needs presented. Also, as needed, joint and allergy harmonizations, chakra balancing, brain stem cleansing, psychoharminization, crystal healing, soul light healing, emotions healing, forgiveness exercise, and angel healings may be done. If three sessions are prepaid, the total for those three sessions is $180.

Chakra Energy Card Readings with Rainbow Reiki and Aura Spray - One Half Hour - $30

Angel Channeling readings - One Hour - $50

Distant Healing, Present, Past, Future with Rainbow Reiki - One Half Hour - $30 One Hour - $50

Angel Healings - One Half Hour - $30

Shamanic Journeying - One Half Hour - $30

Shamanic Rituals - One Half Hour - $30

Sessions are always tailored according to your specific needs and concerns.