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Glastonbury, CT Rainbow Reiki and Angel Healing Experiences

Welcome to the website of Reiki Rejuvenation and Marie Marchesseault, a professional Traditional Usui and Rainbow Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Certified First Dan Rainbow Reiki Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Angel Teacher and Practitioner, and White Feather Shaman Practitioner.

I provide professional Rainbow Reiki services that produce a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits experienced are: Deep Relaxation, Reduced Stress, Relief of anxiety and Pain, Resolution of Long Standing Conditions, and Issues, Improved Health, Closer Connection with Divine Love, and Inner Peace.

In July, 2015, Walter Luebeck returned to initiated the first four people in the United States into the First Dan Master Teacher level of the new Rainbow Reiki licensing program. I am proud to say that I am one of those four people. I can now teach the new, updated Rainbow Reiki First and Second Degree classes, as well as the new Rainbow Reiki Loving Relationships, Success and Vocation Training, and Happy Family classes. Go to Course Descriptions to see the content of these updated and new classes.

The following are some wonderful healing experiences I have had with Rainbow Reiki methods.

A first time client sent me a note saying, "I want to thank you for the time you worked with me during what was an enlingtening and meaningful experience. Feeling the energy and healing taking place was something I had never experienced. You were great, Marie, doing what you do so well and I thank you."

Here is an example of a distant treatment I have done:

I have a friend who recently had a very bad fall. She had extensive surgery with 3 plates and screws put in to hold her elbow together, as well as radiation treatments to promote healing. Because it will be many months before she will be healed, she must let go of a private business that she has worked very hard to develop.

I live a good distance from her, so I set up a distant treatment. First, I connected with her higher self so that a Chakra Energy Card could be picked with the question, "What will help me most during this difficult time in my life?" The card said,"Loss always gives me a much greater gain when I accept the hidden wisdom of the creative force." I told her the loss was an indication from the creator that there is another path she should take, that she will find success. profit, and security in a completely different way. There is Divine wisdom behind this loss that she will discover. Although very hard to see right now, this is a new opportunity. It is a message of hope of much better things to come. She said, "Wow, that is amazing! When this happened, all I could keep hearing in my mind, is that there must be a reason beyond what I can see and that it will be revealed to me on the other side of my healing. This gives me so much hope."

I gave her a mental healing with this chosen affirmation, a distant healing with 2 Marayana Sayi's, along with the mantras for bone, joint, muscle, and mental/emotional healing, and a parallet joint harmonization to her elbow. I treated her whole arm with the Medicine Buddha's lapis lazuli light and his mantra. I gave her a brain stem cleansing to harmonize all the radiation she had received from radiation treatments, and to harmonize her physical and emotional trauma. I used spiritual acupressure to relieve pain, and treated her second chakra with the water element and first chakra with the earth element to reduce inflammation.

After the treatment I wrote her an email to check in on her and tell her about miso soup and citrus essential oils for dealing with radiation.

The next morning she emaild me to say, "It was very powerful. I laid on my bed for the full hour. I felt a lot of release, especially in my legs and feet. I also saw a large black something release. What I'm hoping to be any lingering fear / negative emotions. Then about half way through, a huge emotional release. Something that was totally necessary. It felt like pure grief moving through me. The second half I felt mostly in my arm. Lots of tingling and movement. (It was during this time that I was focusing on the arm treatments.) I feel very good today."

Shortly after taking Rainbow Reiki Advanced Metaphysical Healing I quickly moved to catch a glass filled with water from falling. I moved with great force and slammed my left hand into our granite counter top. My whole hand was in excruciating pain. I immediately applied RR techniques. The pain subsided enough for me to identify two fingers that could not move. I continued to use RR techniques, including those I had just learned in Advanced Metaphysical Healing. There was no swelling and pain only occurred when the hand was touched or I attempted to move it. BelieI had broken a couple of fingers, my husband thought I should get checked out medically, but I kept on applying RR. By the next day there was bruising at the base of the two fingers, but I could move them. Within a very short time my hand was completely healed!

A couple of people came to me with severe lower back pain. I treated them within the context of a whole body treatment called Marayana Sayi with special positions including the lower paqua and place of pain (from RR I). I used Advanced Metaphysical Healing for tensed muscles and vertebrae that were out of place. Then I used spiritual acupuncture from RR Professional Practitioner with Urinary Bladder 40 and Large Intestine 4 for pain and placed the element of water into the 2nd chakra and earth into the first chakra for inflammation. The results were remarkable. Pain was relieved and full mobility returned. One person said that his pain level went from 10 to 0! The synergistic effects or RR techniques never cease to amaze.

This is an example of success with family relationship techniques that I have recently had. One of my clients had a long suffering relationship with a sister. As she thought about her sister I found which chakras were involved via muscle testing, then found the astrological part personalities involved with each of those chakras and applied dancing hands to heal those issues. Then we did RR Sprirtual Orientation Meditation regarding how to give feedback to her sister's behavior toward her, followed by RR Meditation for understanding her sister's perspective. During that I aplied the RR symbols and mantras for constructive communication at the second, fourth, and sixth chakras. This was followed by RR Psycho Therapy as thought about her relationship with her sister. My client said she received a very helpful strategy to deal with her sister and developed understanding and empathy for her. I then had her pick a Chakra Energy Card with the question, "What is the most important spiritual topic for me regarding my relationship with my sister?" As always with these cards, the response was "right on", so mental healing ensued and I sent her home with aura sprays to continue the healing. She now deals with this sister much more effectively. Rainbow Reiki is a practical approach to healing what we need to heal in our lives so that we can be happier and live more harmoniously.

Here are a few more success stories I have had with Rainbow Reiki. This is one with a perpendicular harmonization technique from RR II. When I injured my foot last year, I first gave it hands on Reiki, which helped, then I used a standard Rainbow Reiki harmonization technique, that helped even more, but when I reinjured it, I used the perpindicular harmonization technique, and that helped exponentially! I was completely healed!.

I also used this technique mentally on a woman at Yale New Haven Hospital who was having great pain from a knee that was about to be replaced when cancer in her breast was discovered. She required immediate surgery and chemo therapy, so the knee replacement was postponed. She was about to ask for her prescribed Vicodin, but after I did this technique mentally as I held her knee, (hands on is required at YNHH), her pain was completely gone! She was amazed and kept moving her knee to see if she would feel pain. She kept saying, "How did you do that?" Thank you once again, dearest Walter Lübeck!!!

After taking Walter Luebeck's Aura Chakra Reading and Rainbow Channeling class last May, I used these techniques with a client who was having a lot of unresolved lower back pain. The Aura Chakra reading was done with the topic of her lower back pain. The results indicated a great deal of suppressed anger. My client was able to talk about the anger. This led to me channeling her guardian angel with the question, "What will help me heal this anger?" Her guardian angel came through so strongly and provided powerfully healing messages. These messages deeply moved my client, and me as well. When I saw her the following week her back pain was completely resolved.

A friend was diagnosed with a cerebral tumor that needed invasive surgical procedures, but with his neurosurgeon's agreement, my friend chose to wait. I began working with him intensively, three times a week. After a month, we tapered to twice a week, and a month later, once a week. His treatment included using the Chakra Energy Cards, Archangel Michael's Clearing, Rainbow Reiki Systematic Chakra Healing, Harmonizations, Brain Stem Cleansing, Maryana Sayi with crystal healing and special positions, Falayna Say with mental healing and specific symptoms, Soul Light Healing, Download of True Emotions from the 7 Heavens, Healing with Archangels Rahphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, and healings with other orders of angels. Three months later he had another MRI. The findings this time were a benign, nebulous white matter. No surgery was deemed necessary! It was such a joy to participate in his healing and spiritual development!

Below are a few moving Reiki experiences I have had at Yale New Haven Hospital as a Reiki Volunteer.

A patient who had requested Reiki was in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. As I approached the room, the young woman there was being baraged with many people doing a lot of things. She was clearly very anxious, yet she smiled broadly when I told her I was there for her Reiki request. The medical personnel quickly finished up and said I could have 10 minutes, which ended up being 20. The young woman soon calmed and I could see the respirations on her monitor go from 27 to 20 per minute when my hands were on her chest. Her pulse rate also slowed. As I finished, she asked me to hold her hand. She said she couldn't believe the deep calm she felt. She expressed so much gratitude for the gifts she received, including being reminded how deeply loved she is.

Another day I was giving Reiki in the infusion room. A woman who came in for chemo therapy had just read about Reiki and very much wanted to experience it. As I was treating her, she related in astonishment that she had never felt so relaxed. I said, "Yes, this is commonly experienced with Reiki." She said, "No, you don't understand. I have suffered with anxiety disorder forever. No treatments or therapies have ever helped me to relax. This is the first time I have felt this wonderful feeling." I was moved by how incredulous yet joyous this woman was. I feel so blessed to be able to offer this beautiful gift of Reiki.

I gave Reiki to this woman three more times over the next several weeks. Each time she said the relaxation effect lasted longer, and now she feels relaxed most of the time.

Another very moving experience was with a young man who was very sick. He could not move from his back and could not tolerate any touch. I did not know this when I approached him and said I was there to offer him Reiki. When he said he would like it, I automatically gently touched his arm and shoulder, streaming Reiki. He didn't notice that I had touched him and said he could not stand anyone to touch him. Then he noticed I was touching him and was very surprised, exclaiming, "Wow, that actually feels good!". He then said he needed his pain medication and notified the nurse's station of this. I proceeded with his Reiki treatment with gentle touch as well as within his aura. I could feel his body soaking up the energy. He became very relaxed and fell asleep, without his pain medication. As I was quietly leaving, his mother, who was in the room, thanked me profusely.

Another time I went to an older gentleman who had extensive abdominal surgery due to cancer. He had received Reiki for the first time a few days before. When I placed my hands on his abdomen, he was astonished by the amount of heat he felt. He then said he could see someone on his right shoulder, but he didn't know who it was. I told him it was an angel. He said he didn't know anything about angels. I told him they are always there with him, always loving and supporting him, and that it was a great blessing to see one. He then said he saw his mother, father, and aunt on his abdomen. He asked why he was seeing them. I told him they were there to remind him that he is deeply loved and that they would always help him. He took all of this in, and then fell into a deep meditative state. I left him sleeping. I am so grateful to be a channel for this wonderful energy that facilitates experiences like these.

These are just a few of many Rainbow Reiki stories I could tell you. I invite you to contact me today and experience for yourself the benefits of this divine energy. You can email me at reikimarie@gmail.com or call me at 860-933-4349.

I wish you good health and a deep sense of peace and well being.

Experience the deep peace and inner healing of a complete Rainbow Reiki session accompanied by special Angel healings. Schedule an appointment today or sign up for the next class offered by Reiki Rejuvenation,

Comments following healing sessions:

"Thank you so much for all the healing. You are very special and we are very blessed. Thank you for being there for me."

"Marie, I want to thank you again for a wonderful session. I can't tell you how much better I feel both physically and emotionally."

"My legs are even now! Amazing!"

"Wow! I can't believe the energy I felt!"

"Wonderfully relaxing."

"I saw a lot of white light - amazing!"

"This has changed my life."

"This was unlike any other energy work I have ever experienced - uniquely powerfully healing."

"The heat from your hands is so intensely healing!"

"I am deeply grateful to you."

"It felt like my tumor was melting!"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Rainbow Reiki treatment. I feel I am benefitting greatly from it. I look forward to my next treatment."

Rainbow Reiki founder,

Walter Luebeck's English

website: www.walterluebeck.com

COACHING & HEALING SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE VIA SKYPE OR ZOOM. Contact me at reikimarie@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

AKASHIC READINGS WITH HEALING THE RELATED KARMA are also available. Email me at reikimarie@gmail.com to book a session.

I will be teaching RAINBOW REIKI FIRST DEGREE via Zoom on April 10 and 11, 2021. This is a wonderful opportunity to enter this profound healing system. Contact me at reikimarie@gmail.com for information and to register. I will be teaching RAINBOW REIKI SECOND DEGREE in March, 2021. This will be an excellent time to grow with Rainbow Reiki and its profound healing methods.

I will be teaching Meeting the Angels and The Angels Crystal Path in the Spring via Zoom. Contact me at reikimarie@gmail.com for further information and to register.

Watch this video as I describe the contents of Rainbow Reiki First and Second Degree. https://www.facebook.com/marie.marchesseault/videos/2706165062828748/UzpfSTIwMDkwOTY1OTk4NTQzMjoyOTc3NDYxMTc4OTk2OTE5/

Watch several free 45 minute webinars that Walter Luebeck has given at http://bit.ly/walterluebeckyoutube

Go to the following link to view an interview with me about Rainbow Reiki & The Spiritual Lessons re: covid-19 https://www.facebook.com/EPICTricountyCT/videos/223047628915897/UzpfSTEwMDAwMzA1ODQyNjk2MjoyNTY1NjgyMzgwMjEwMzUx/

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For a detailed description of the difference between Usui Reiki and Rainbow Reiki, please go to this link. https://www.facebook.com/notes/walter-lübeck-reiki-philosophie/the-differences-between-usui-reiki-and-rainbow-reiki/692997944193482

Email me at reikimarie@gmail.com to request or learn about classes and events. Classes are small and intimate in a warm, nuturing environment.

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Classes most frequently taught by Marie Marchesseault::

Rainbow Reiki First Degree is taught by Marie Marchesseault with the new licensing upgrade. See students' comments below and class content under Course Descriptionson this site. There are no pre requisites for this class. This is one of the classes that you can learn directly from Walter Luebeck in July, 2019!!!. Contact me to register at reikimarie@gmail.com

Rainbow Reiki Second Degree is taught by Marie Marchesseault with the new licensing upgrade. See student comments below and class content under Course Descriptions on this site. Rainbow Reiki First Degree is a pre requisite for this class. This class will also be taught directly by Walter Luebeck in July, 2019!!! Contact me to register at reikimarie@gmail.com

Meeting the Angels, taught by Marie Marchesseault, provides opportunities to connect and heal with all the angelic orders. See students' comments below and class content under Course Descriptions on this site. There are no pre requisites for this class.

The Crystal Path, advanced angel lightwork, is taught by Marie Marchesseault. It provides opportunities to astral travel to the Seven Heavens, create Angel crystals and apply sacred geometry with special angelic symbols for healing. See comments below and class content under Course Descriptions on this site. Meeting the Angels is a pre requisite for this class.

Comments from students who have taken Rainbow Reiki classes with me:

"Thank you for your thorough, patient guidance throughout the weekend. It was wonderful to feel my connection to the source of love deepen - and my ability to trust myself deepen. It feels like the happy beginning of a long journey.

"Fantastic! Incredibly profound! Marie was skillful, compassionate, and wise in guiding us. I felt her love permeate everything we did together."

"I loved, loved, loved, absolutely loved Rainbow Reiki I class! It has enhanced my Usui-Tibetan Reiki energy, and I am excited to incorporate so many new techniques. I look forward to more courses with you. You are a gem!"

"Extremely giving person that provides an exceptional foundation to a beginning Rainbow Reiki practitioner. This information will assist me greatly in finding my purpose and spiritual path in this life."

"What an AWESOME class!"

"Thank you again for the wonderful experience of a Rainbow Reiki weekend. This was such a profound experience. I am thoroughly grateful to you,"

"This has been a long awaited experience. I have always felt there was more to be learned and I truly have found what I was looking for in Rainbow Reiki. Thank you, Marie. You are a gifted teacher and healer. I am blessed to have met you."

"This has been a beautiful spiritual experience. You are an excellent teacher, Marie - knowledgeable, encouraging, and affirming."

"These days have been amazing, enlightening, and healing. My spiritual path has been greatly enhanced. I can begin to incorporate awareness of the Devine in my life at all times."

"This has been a very special 3 days for me. It is a pleasure to be taught by someone so special as Mare. She gives so much of herself to help us learn all we need to learn. There is so much energy going through all of us and I am happy to feel this special energy."

"Rainbow Reiki II energy was/is awesome, and I look forward to continue to grow in its use and embrace. Thank you so much!"

Comments from students who have taken the Meeting the Angels class with me:

"This has been a powerful weekend for me. I've had the opportunity (guidance) to let go of a past relationship and person, allowing me to be more tuned in to my immediate life."

"Experiencing the love and guidance of the angels and having my connection to them opened, is exciting!"

"I can't wait to begin practicing the different healings, and I want to integrate them into my Usui Reiki. I look forwrd to taking more classes in the future, Marie - you have a wonderful method of teaching. I enjoyed every minute!"

"You're a great teacher, very knowledgeable, open to all questions which you always answer. I like your pace, your gentle way, and the love and passion you exude. When I leave your class I feel confident and eager to try all you have taught. I also like the fact that you give us time to practice new healings and rituals. You are really a Master".

"I have taken many classes, but this is my first class on angels. I am simply amazed by the energies of each group of angels – lots to process! This is the first time I experienced the different energies of each. It is exciting! I can't wait to practice on myself and others. I will definitely incorporate this into my daily spiritual practice. I can't wait to share this beautiful energy with others! Many thanks and Many blessings!"

Comments from students who have taken the The Crystal Path class with me:

"Wonderful class! I look forward to incorporating the many new energies and techniques into my healing work."

"This course was great! I especially liked the astral travel."

"It was perfect! It couldn't have been better. Thank you for your loving teaching."

Comment from a client who became a student:

"When we first started, I was amazed by your healing energy. A session with you healed me levels beyond what I had imagined. Thank you.

The work you that you shared with me with me in Rainbow Reiki certification has given me valuable tools, experiences of healing, and so much more positive things. Thank you!

The feelings that I received from you by your willingness to help me reach my goals is a blessing. I love you!"

Contact Marie at www.reikimarie@gmail.com or call at 860-933-4349 to schedule a session, inquire about a class, and/ or to sign up for one! Check out my Face Book Page: Reiki Rejuvenation: Usui and Rainbow.

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